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04. [multi] 60 March icons

Finally getting to post the few icons I've made in March. I feel like I take longer to make them and I'm not too satisfied with them. I have these big ideas that don't end up translating and well... the muse is off somewhere else that isn't here.

TV: The West Wing, Bones, One Day at a Time, Parks and Rec, The Good Place, Russian Doll, thirtysomething, Gilmore Girls, Superstore, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Madam Secretary, Schitt's Creek, The Bold Type
Movie: Marvelverse, Clueless, How To Train Your Dragon

As I mentioned in the previous post, I did enter the February oddlyspecificon challenge. It's been a month and a new guessing post is up so I'm posting those icons here. (If this is forbidden, I'll take them down.)


1-5 were the submitted entries. The others were alts. 3 came from working on one of the sets below but I liked how it looked on its own; 4 is one of the icons I most proud of. It was a fun challenge to take a part of, especially since I tried to hide my ~~style.

It's no secret that I love itsabattlefield. I try my best to enter every week even if the inspo isn't there. This time around, I even entered a few of the longer battles though I feel rustier and rustier by the minute. The big battle icons were mostly made in February but I respected the reveal post by not including them then :). I'm putting all the alts/rejects together below since deadlines overlapped and I ended up using them everywhere. Linked are my entries since I end up babbling over there.

Big Battle 5: Relationships

The theme might've been to icon 10 of my favorite relationships but I went beyond and added some other challenges: 5 romantic, 5 familial/friendship relationships. Then I decided not to repeat shows (or I would have done the same 3-4). I then attempted to add text to the romantic ones. I like these icons quite a bit and did spend a long time making them. (And the texture in the Russian Doll icon isn't erased over them for a reason. Though it was prob a fail.)

Small Battle 16: Technical Themes

Vibrant Muted Pastel Unnatural Black and White

I am not entirely convinced about the set, tbqh. I liked the themes a lot but I felt like I couldn't reflect what I wanted. It was supposed to be just on one character (Temperance Brennan, light of my life) and I had done them all... but I wasn't too convinced by its uniformity. Not that that mattered in the end. I also ended up deciding to use those Brennan icons I did like in a more appropriate challenge that came up just as I was finishing this one up so I felt better about going multifandom again.

Quick Battles (hover for theme)


[first lj fandom note!]A quick note on first LJ fandom: I used the one from eleven years ago (my past LJ life) even if it could've perfectly been the one from this LJ. It was my first internet fandom even if I loved many things before and the reason I joined many social networks.

Alts/Rejects for Big/Small Battle (hover for fandom)


your_favourites: Challenge 67·Favorite Female TV Character
Temperance Brennan (Bones) & C.J. Cregg (The West Wing)


I'd say most of my favorite tv characters are women -- but this was an easy decision: it had to be these two wonderful women. Articulating why I love them is harder and simply saying, 'I'm a combination of the two of them' wouldn't be that accurate either. I admire who they are and aspire to be a fraction as cool as they are.

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