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07. [Multi] September Update

Welp. So... hi again? I spent my summer without opening Photoshop (save for a quick icon that went nowhere fast and a thing I did mostly to amuse myself), I decided to try and get back into it, if only to make smaller batches every month.

[summary of the previous 3 months this way...]My summer summarized, heh: work, um, more work, vacation - a wedding in Syracuse + NYC for like a week, which was awesome - and uhh, more work! Our web application isn't going to hell like it was in May/June but the thing with Agile Methodologies is that there is always lots of work. In our case, the client has never really used them so they keep adding changes pretty much after we've asked for their approval 50 times. It's great. Add in the extra half hour we might stay to finish things up + the 45 min commute and I get home pretty late and wiped out.

Oh yeah. July might've been quieter but I rewatched a show from my childhood and it was all I did for a few days. I am sure you can definitely tell which one it is :D

Anyways! I did participate in a few challenges, and I thought I was a bit rusty but I did like some of the icons I've made. I'm not including the 10-icon batch I've made for a challenge ending in a week or so, even if that was my main focus for the second half of the month, when I was a bit more overwhelmed by work again.

Fandoms: Cardcaptor Sakura (9), The West Wing (6), Borgen (3), Bones (2), La Casa de Papel (2), Madam Secretary (2), GOT (1), Star Trek: Discovery (1), Parks and Rec (1), B99 (1)

Quick Battles 50 & 52 - fake background & orange (+2 alts)

Small Battle 23: Alphabet Series

[R S T U V - and what I decided they stood for, heh]I was kinda obsessed with having the letters be from the last third or so of the alphabet (I considered anything from Q onwards.) I also wanted them to have some color balance/harmony, if that makes any sense? I like it when my sets make some sense all together for this kind of post, not so much in challenges. The original post and the letters...
R is for Reaction; S is for Simplistic; T is for Texture (or Tight Hug? Haha); U is for Unusual Coloring; V is for Vibrant Coloring (or Violet, since it's some shade of purple).

You can probably tell I could fit them in different categories.


Challenge 237: Negative Space

Challenge 238: black and white


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