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20. [multi] 70 april and may icons

How is everyone doing? These are crazy times we're living in, aren't they? Every week seems somehow worse than the previous one. Hope you and your loved ones are doing okay, wherever you are <3
I've dragged my feet but here are the icons I've made over the last couple of months. My annoying format means I'll try to separate them into the different sets instead of putting them all together but I think there are two sets and just random entries.

TV: The Americans, This is Us, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, Anne with an E, Chernobyl, 12 Monkeys, Star Trek: Picard, Fringe, B99, TWW, Schitt's Creek, Good Omens, La Casa de Papel, The Good Place, thirtysomething, Studio 60, Bones, The Mandalorian, Agent Carter
Movies: When Harry Met Sally, Knives Out, The Little Mermaid, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Avengers: Endgame, Harry Potter, Mamma Mia

April · 42 icons

elitesimplicity · Close Contact
(first three are the actual entries)

[ramblings]I love iconing touch even if I'm not that proud of these icons but I often feel weird about working with caps I might've worked recently. The Americans (a show we've only watched two seasons thus far) is the best but coloring it is the worst.

[community profile] iconthat · 1980s Flashback

[ramblings]I looooove the 1980s (despite having been born in the 90s) so I had to participate in this. It has a good mix of shows set in the 1980s and movies from the 1980s. And while I know the SW icon is the one that won things, I love the Chernobyl and This is Us ones the most. And I'll admit that that love for the This is Us one was because of how much work I put into decoloring Jack, lol, but there is something really cool about it despite how uneven it might look in places.

the7days · Bingo

red background · joy · lips

antihero · weapon · three subjects · lyrics

[ramblings]I think I've said it but I don't love this set either. I like them individually, I guess, and I put a lot of effort into them and getting them to a place I didn't hate them... but as a set, it didn't really work for me. It's one of those cases where I was somewhat inspired but couldn't deliver what I wanted. I do love that three people icon if only because I love the combination of color (the cap is dark blue originally) and grunge-y effects.

itsabattlefield · Techniques

Muted Colors · No Eyes · Center Crop · Monochromatic · Maker's Choice

[ramblings]I like these icons quite a bit! Again, not a cohesive set and it's a mixture of icons I made for this and alts for the other set I was working on (see the previous set). I can appreciate the Steggy icon a lot more now (that icon was thisclose to being on the bingo set as lips) with its muted colors. The three far crops look nice and distinct in their colors. And the S60 icon? I feel like I finally got the icon I wanted to make with that cap after many failed attempts. I love its simplicity and I like the way I used the text (still my Achilles' heel) and it just works for me. So it makes me like the icon much more.

Various alts for the7days/itsabattlefield/the rest of the month

[ramblings]I like the GO icon much more without text, if I'm being honest. The weird Schitt's Creek (and its red background) - also love it quite a bit. I hate the background in the animation icon (it's a tree) but I like that I wish I had used a different cap for Andy's part. That Brennan icon was fun to make (the initial version had a weirder background and the texture didn't work... so it's not here, lol) and I think the colors look cool.

May - 28 icons (or so... I probably left out the smaller variations out)

itsabattlefield · Partner Battle
Alas, the results were never posted (which I've just realized... :/) but the themes novindalf and I agreed on where close crop + Harry Potter and negative space + AWAE :)

[ramblings]I rushed them a bit -- I love this kind of battle (I should get in on more of those but I feel inadequate or like I won't have time) but it's always against time. The baby HP icon from the Mystery Box alts was almost my submission for the first one and I love its colors. Butt I also love Hermione's expression on this cap, which is a big mood. I worked hard to get the sharpening to be fine but smooth, the colors in her tie and uniform vibrant. I dig it. For the AWAE, I wanted to use a different screencap, IIRC, but I liked this one. I love this side of the character. I worked hard in two laptops to get the contrast just right and the texture work to be subtle (it's a dark, flowery texture and I wanted to have some earthy colors).

elitesimplicity · Unknown

[ramblings]Like I probably said on the submission, most of the stuff I watch and/or icon could qualify as unknown. (Especially unknown around here.) I used the RD cap in the challenge post because I loved it and, well, I loved Russian Doll (it was so unlike what I thought it would be and so well-done/addictive). The other two are shows I started in early May, and both I really liked. I just finished watching Normal People but its cinematography is simply stunning but alas, I have to make the caps myself and the icons don't look as good. That Unorthodox cap (and most I've used) I found on Tumblr. The icon is probably dark and lord knows it was hard to color it but I like the dark red I used.

the7days · 7 Genres

[ramblings]This is my favorite set in this post, I'd say, and the one where I could talk about a bunch of icons. I've always said I like and try to be creative with my the7days stuff because the level over there is incredibly high and that inspires me. And... yeah... This set is not that creative. I still love it because I feel like the colors look good and while there is not a variety in the crops (most are centered, far crops), I think there are nice touches and I could talk about their processes for a while, particularly for a couple of them.
It was just a fantastic theme. It inspired me so much that I pretty much had a nice set in a couple of days, having only found out about it when there was like a week left. (I have a list with a few great other genres, like reality tv, I was planning to include. Most shows I watch do fit into various boxes and I'm sad I didn't end up including them. And that was just TV. Everyone had some incredible takes.)

[community profile] fandom10in30 · Mystery Box

16 icons from a bunch of fandoms are in the previous post, over here :)

Various alts for the various May sets

[ramblings]Probably have some not-great icons I forgot to post from this. I like the colors and most of these were in a set or another at some point.


2020's icons thus far

May March February January
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