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25. [multi] muted & vibrant for somein30

A set of 16 normal mode muted and vibrant icons (and more than likely somewhere in between) for somein30. I loved the theme and its inspo post, which was simply stunning, but for the longest time, I wasn't sure I'd make anything for it. I haven't really made icons since the last post in here, for the inaugural somein30 round, and I feel rusty – I couldn't make anything work but I wanted to try to make a set of five, at the very least.
The result? 16 very simple icons that are not my best but hopefully aren't too awful. I normally gravitate towards vibrancy/natural coloring in my coloring and I felt I even struggled to take them fully there. Depending on the monitor, they look somewhat muted and weird. I also decided they were sixteen (and not fifteen) while preparing this post so yay.

[Includes…]TV: The Queen's Gambit, Succession, The Good Place, The West Wing, The Crown, Babylon Berlin, Gilmore Girls, Good Omens, Sex Education
Movies: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Enola Holmes, Solo
Music/Celebs: Phoebe Bridgers


Others (alts/rejects/not quite there yet)
Succession · The Good Place x2 · Portrait of a Lady on Fire
The West Wing
Queen's Gambit · Phoebe Bridgers · Gilmore Girls · Sex Education
Good Omens · TWW: A Benefit for When We All Vote

elitesimplicity · 258: screencap pool
The actual first icons I made in forever. The caps were fun, even those from things I might've not watched (like XF). I didn't use all the ones I saved (looking at you, Disco) but maybe soon.
Queen's Gambit · Solo · Enola Holmes

Queen's Gambit · Jojo Rabbit · X-Files · The Good Place


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